Personalized Cat Cartoon Book

Personalized Cat Cartoon Book
Personalized Cat Cartoon Book

Personalized Cat Cartoon Book

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A collection of cat cartoons by the world’s top cartoonists featuring your cat!

Have you ever seen a cartoon that reminds you exactly of your pet? Like, how did this cartoon capture my little furbaby so specifically? Well, virtually all the cartoons inside this book have been inspired by our collection of world class cartoonist’s little kitties.

These hunter gatherers (who have transformed to couch surfers) have been our friends for nearly all of history and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Unless, they learn how to open the fridge.

Inside you will find 86 cartoons seemingly inspired by your cat, who will enjoy reading this cuddled in a nook. Please enjoy this collection of cartoons while you ponder the eternal question of who domesticated who?

Hardcover 8" x 8" book featuring 86 cartoons from The New Yorker, Barrons, Wall St Journal and more. Personalized on the cover, title page, and 9 of the cartoons inside with a pet’s name. Specify pet's name (without the apostrophe S) up to 20 characters.

Featuring cartoons by: Amy Hwang, Bob Mankoff, Charlie Hankin, Dave Carpenter, Edward Koren, Harry Bliss, George Booth,Jack Ziegler, Leo Cullum, Loren Fishman, Mick Stevens, Mike Twohy, Pat Byrnes, Peter Steiner, Sam Gross, Shannon Wheeler, Tim Cordell, Tom Toro and more.
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